Book Review: Where They Found Her

Rating: ★★★★

Finished within a day and a half, McCreight had me in a spelling binding grip to turn the page. Although this was an easy read, I found myself very entertained at the build up of the suspenseful mystery and shocked at the climax.

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Book Review: Snow Falling on Cedars

Rating: ★★★

Set in the period of the second world war’s aftermath, Guterson takes on the prejudice of Japanese-Americans in a remote island full of cedar trees and strawberry fields near Puget Sound, Washington where a murder trial occurs with twists of history from the locals.

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Book Review: Veronika Decides to Die

Rating: ★★★★★ 

I am such a strong believer of “everything happens for a reason”, especially with the timing of the moment as well. In this instance, I’ve been thrifting for years on the hunt for specific books to add to my home library. Veronika Decides to Die has been on this ‘treasure hunt’ list since day one. I finally found it during a time where I was discovering myself. It was right after returning from my solo adventure trip to Peru. What I love about Paulo Coelho’s brand of writing is the theme of his books. This one was based on redemption.

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The power of NOW

Hello 2018! I’m still in the phase of greeting people “Happy New Year” to this day and it’s the second day of February… well let’s just get right into it since January was composed of ‘catching up’.

This year’s mantra is be in the present moment“. I’m sure you’ve heard of this saying over and over again, especially if you practice yoga.

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