My catch-22


I certainly agree with Mr. Hemingway. We all feel unfairness throughout the tough times in our life (some more than others) especially when we feel we don’t deserve it.

But I would not change a thing about me if it means being someone I’m truly not. Yes, I wear my heart in my sleeves, yes, I put others first, yes, I try everything twice, and most times I do wonder why I did them in the first place but they were my choices. At the end of the day, I still would of made the same choice all over again.

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Break habit


First off, Paulo Coelho is one of my favourite authors. I always enjoy reading his books that give me so much insight after turning the last page. He never ceases to add virtue to my every day life.

With that being said, the quote above affected me big time recently. I have decided to proceed with a solo Euro-trip this October!

We all get into a habit of our usual routine. Dread Mondays, work hard through the week and wish everyone the usual Happy Friday then spend time with family/friends on the weekend and back at it again on dreadful Mondays. Not too say this is bad but sometimes it’s not healthy for you. You need to break out of this occasionally. Do something different once in awhile like join a team, start a fashion blog, try a new hobby, or in my case, book a trip to Paris and London.

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Time management skills required


Everyone complains about not having enough time and I’m guilty of being one but ever since I made a change and started planning ahead, I’ve been more productive. There’s a time for everything when you’ve set aside the time for it. It’s not that hard. We have 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. Try to make use of every minute! Try an agenda first or a checklist. Better yet have a goal and set a deadline. I remember when I registered for my first race I knew I had to prepare my training before the date. I worked backwards and it helped. Sometimes taking the first step is actually setting the finish line.

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When I realized there’s more to life than a clean house


I’m the type who needs to have the house clean before walking out the door. It just makes me less stressed knowing that I don’t need to do any cleaning once I get home when I’m out. Coming home to a clean house is a simple pleasure to me but I’ve learned recently to sometimes just leave it if it is messy. It isn’t about having a staged home that looks spotless (unless you’re selling it) but about actually LIVING in it. Enjoy your home sweet home, your sanctuary, your nest. Once I established this relief, I started exploring more of my interests and became more engaged with myself and I’ve never felt better.

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